‘Implementation support to Government of Nepal’s five-year National Strategy and Action Plan(NSAP) for combating gender-based violence (GBV)’ project

Implementation support to Government of Nepal’s five-year National Strategy and Action Plan (NSAP) for combating gender-based violence (GBV)’ project



Saathi has launched a project ‘Implementation Support to GBV NSAP for women Empowerment and Gender Based Violence’ effective from April, 2013 in support from ESP/DFID.  The project aims to support government of Nepal to implement the GBV NSAP 2069-2074 BS for women Empowerment and Gender Based Violence through increased collaboration between government agencies, CSOs and other stakeholders to address GBV issues at national and district levels.

In order to achieve its’ goal, the project supports particularly to strategic recommendations no 3, 8, 9 and 12 of GVB NSAP 2069-2064. The GVB NSAP strategy 3 reads that Government of Nepal launches awareness campaign for gender equality by adopting zero tolerance policy against Gender Based Violence whereas strategy 8 states the easy access of the Gender Based Violence (GBV) affected persons to health services and facilities. Strategy 9 calls for the increased collaboration between government and non government stakeholders for addressing the GBV whereas strategy 12 is about mobilization of men and boys for mitigating GBV.

Also, the project aims to help to operationalise the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) which were drafted by Gender Coordination Unit (GECU) in 2011 in order to combat GBV. The SOPs clarify the roles, responsibilities and the accountability of the concerned stakeholders. At present, the SOPs are not fully functional.


Project Districts

The project  covers Achham and Dadeldhura, Banke, Bardiya, Kanchanpur and Kapilvastu districts and is being implemented through its partner SCOs namely Tharu Women Upliftment Centre, Bardiya, Fatima Foundation, Banke, Social Welfare, Education, Environment and Tourism Nepal, Dadeldhura , Samabikas Nepal,  Achham and Conflict victim Single Women Development Centre (CVSWDC), Kanchanpur

Project strategies

  • Increasingly engaging men to combat gender based violence
  • Building capacity of local Community Based Organizations (CBOs), groups and organizations
  • Strong linkage between government institutions for institutionalization and long term sustainability


Strategic Partners of the Project

  • Ministry of Women, Children and Social welfare
  • Ministry of Health/ One stop Crisis Management centre
  • National  Women’s commission
  • GECU  located at OPMCM
  • Women and Girls Section at Nepal Police
  • Federation of Nepali Journalists
  • Judicial mechanism and civil society organizations in district and Kathmandu.


Project Beneficiaries

People who are at the risk of gender based violence or those who are already in gender based violence, local institutions and networks working towards combating.


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