Training for battered women’s advocates and activists


Training for battered women’s advocates and activists on Women’s Human Rights – addressing domestic violence and sexual assault.

The objective of this training workshop is:

  • To make participants understand domestic violence and sexual assault as international Human Rights abuses
  • To develop skills and strategies to address the problem.

Social and Community Mobilisation Training of Trainers<>

Training Of Trainers (TOT) for Community Mobilization programme:

- To provide knowledge of gender and gender based violence
- To provide knowledge of the situation of VAW/G in Nepal
- To provide knowledge of domestic violence and to create a group of professional trainers.

33 participants out of 75 districts of Nepal districts have participated. The training has suceeded in

  • Creating a pool of national level trainers on violence against women and girls.
  • Helping to curb violence against women and girls through social and community action.

Training of Communities

Saathi has conducted Social and Community Mobilization trainings in 11 of the 75 districts in Nepal. Both men and women from local communities have participated in the event. These trainings:

  • Enable participants to understand the concept of gender and gender discrimination.
  • Enable participants to the causes and effects of violence on the individual, family and community.
  • Introduce participants to the existing legal provisions for women victims of domestic violence in Nepal.
  • Makes participants capable of helping victims through:

- Safety planning
- Conducting violence against women intervention programmes within their target communities
- Advocating for change.

Youth Mobilisation Groups

SAATHI initiated a program to mobilize youth in the context of VAW&G. This pioneering program aims at harnessing the enthusiasm and energy of the younger generation and inspiring them to work towards constructing a society free from gender discrimination and inequality.

SAATHI has envisioned a new youth movement in Nepal marked by equality, enlightened coexistence and accommodation. In April 2000 SAATHI launched a nationwide youth mobilization program spanning all the five development regions of the county. More than 200 participants representing 52 districts of Nepal attended the youth camps.

The outcome has been the formation of youth groups in different parts of Nepal. SAATHI is working with these groups and is trying to find funding to organize camps in various districts of Nepal in partnership with them.

Such camps are used:
- To disseminate information
- To hold intensive discussions
- To collect the youth’s point of view
- To motivate the youth to be a part of this movement.


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